Facility Management

Lindenmuth Realty offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional full-service property management companies, and is a great option for owners and net lease tenants alike. We take the headache out of trying to do everything yourself.

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Manage Maintenance

Manage planned, preventative, and reactive maintenance of equipment and building systems.

Manage Vendors

Manage and maintain vendor relationships, negotiate contracts for their services.

Maintain Records

Maintain accurate records of all maintenance activities and their results.

Who is this for?


Family offices, Absentee Owners, Mom-and-Pop Owners

Outsource to us the supervision of repair calls, preventative maintenance schedules, and renovation projects. A cost-effective alternative for those who don’t want the maintenance management headaches. Let us help keep your asset or space performing at its full potential.


Net-Lease Tenants

For business owners responsible for their own repairs, we can act as your in-house real estate director for less than hiring someone full time. We are the single point of contact for your management team and employees for any issues related to your space. Additionally, we can help audit the annual operating expense (OPEX) or common area maintenance (CAM) pass throughs charged by the landlord.


Owner Occupants

For business owners who also own the building they operate from, delegate to us the real estate management and service calls and have a single point of contact for everything. Free up your employee's time who is trying to do it off the side of their desk.


We are the boots on the ground and can help get you the information you need.

Just looking for someone to keep an eye on an asset? We have the boots on the ground who can help get you the information you need.

Facility Management Lite Facility Management Full Facility Management
On Demand Maintenance Services check_circle check_circle check_circle
Perform inspections on a set schedule check_circle check_circle check_circle
Manage preventative maintenance schedules check_circle check_circle
Manage reactive maintenance check_circle check_circle
Maintain vendor relationships check_circle check_circle
Maintain accurate records of activities and results check_circle check_circle
Accept maintenance calls from Ownership only Ownership only Ownership, Tenants
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